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Unparalleled Media Monitoring Features

Digital & Social Listening

Spot and collect conversations on the web related to your brand and products. Learn more about what the audience thinks of your brand/product/industry in Kenya, Africa.

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Mention Analytics

Pick rapid changes in conversations to protect your brand image. Analyze conversation quality and quantity to get new insights about your customers. Drill down & focus on what is most important for you. 

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Real-time Alerts

Discover any changes in the volume of of discussions around your brand. Customize alerts to your liking. For example, get SMS alerts when your brand is trending on Twitter and Google Search.

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World-class Support

Get world class media monitoring support in Kenya. We are always here to help you stay on top of your brand digitally. Join the growing number of businesses who trust Brand Moran!

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Protect Your Brand Reputation

Stay on top of your brand reputation. Track every mention on your brand in every digital media. Amplify positive sentiments & respond to a dissatisfied customers faster

Timely Notifications & Alerts

Get SMS alerts when your brand is trending on volatile media like Twitter & Search Engines

Reporting & Analysis

Analyze your digital media mentions and generate tailored reports

Track Your Marketing Campaigns

Find out what people are saying about your brand. Track engagement including likes, shares, trends, comments.

Track KPIs

Measure your marketing and PR efforts locally using KPIs like comments, likes & shares.

Generate Customized Reports

Generate reports. Analyze your marketing and PR campaigns.

Track Your Competitors & Industry

Track your competitors with the solution tailored for your brand. Our competitor analysis tool will help you get an edge in the market. Tap into our Social Media Analytics & Competitive Insights

Learn from Competitors

Track your business competitors and make smart, data-driven decisions. Avoid mistakes and fine-tune your own ideas.

Track Industry Trends

Track industry trends & find social media influencers for your brand. 

Brand Moran is a media monitoring tool that gives you access to all your brand mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews and much more!

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