How To Run a Hashtag Campaign Successfully

How To Run a Hashtag Campaign Successfully

You might be asking yourself what is a hashtag campaign and the various benefits to your brand. A hashtag campaign is a marketing strategy that uses hashtags (#) across social media platforms to increase brand awareness and participation by the target audience. Some of the best platforms to run your hashtag campaign would be Instagram and Twitter due to the high engagement and frequent use of hashtags. This article will discuss how you can run an effective hashtag campaign.

What are the benefits of a hashtag campaigns?

  • Provides an easy and efficient way to promote products, services and events
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Easily categorize content and makes it discoverable
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Builds a community of brand advocates
  • Grows the number of followers
  • Drives traffic to your website

How to run an effective hashtag campaign

Below is a guide on how to run hashtag campaigns successfully on Instagram or Twitter.

Define the goals of your campaign

It would be best to determine what you want to achieve with your hashtag campaign before beginning the planning phase. Failure to set clear goals will result in confusion within your internal team. We recommend setting SMART goals and figuring out your level of desired audience engagement once your target audience stumbles upon your hashtag campaign.

Select an appropriate hashtag

If you are doing a giveaway, it would be best to select a popular giveaway hashtag. Otherwise, we recommend creating a branded hashtag. Ensure you keep your hashtag simple and easy to remember. Your hashtag should also summarize what your campaign is about.

Below is a an example of a good hashtag name #TuskerAt100 by Tusker  Lager in celebrating years 100 of Tusker.

Post relevant content

After you have set clear goals and chosen your hashtag, the next step would be to create high-quality and relevant content. You could kick-start your campaign by posting photographs of your products or your employees. We recommend posting content you intend your followers to recreate using the hashtag for a UGC campaign. If you intend to do a giveaway, ensure you post eye-catching content that will prevent your followers from scrolling past.

Have a look at this Tweet post by Samsung Mobile Kenya prior to their Samsung event #SamsungEvent

Consider involving partners

Your hashtag campaign will become more successful if you bring in other like-minded brands with the same values and ambitions. For giveaways, we recommend partnering up with another brand, preferably one more renowned and has a greater following. You could also incentivize other influential brands to use your hashtag by giving them free products or paying them some money. The more partners you include, the greater your chances of success.

Spread awareness about your campaign

Now that you have everything figured out, the final step is to put your hashtag campaign out there. Keep in mind that a small percentage of your target audience might not be on Instagram. Therefore, you need to put in more effort to market your campaign outside the chosen social media channel so that more people can participate.

An excellent method you could use to promote your hashtag campaign would be to use digital marketing, such as making the headlines or featuring in relevant blogs and using influencers. You could also embed the campaign on your business website or create a dedicated page specifically for your hashtag campaign.

Measure Performance

After running your hashtag campaign, you need to measure the performance of your campaign. To achieve this, you need to use a hashtag tool tracker. A good hashtag tool tracker should provide you with the insights on the reach, impressions, engagement rates, popular keywords, popular users, and location of users just to name a few. If you are in Kenya, you can use Brand Moran hashtag tracking tool to get a detailed hashtag campaign report.

Wrapping Up

By running a hashtag campaign on social media, you stand to gain more followers, increase your brand awareness and increase your reach. Ensure you set goals and measure the performance of the campaign We hope this article has demystified hashtag campaigned and helped you learn how to run a successful campaign for your brand.

If you are planning to run a social media campaign and you want to track its performance on Twitter or Instagram, Brand Moran platform can help you with that. Just contact us  and provide you with a detailed report.

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