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Whatever the industry you are in, a customer will always be the most integral aspect of your business. No matter the ingenuity of your offerings, without customers to drive sales, it means nothing.

Any successful marketing strategy has customers at the center of it all. It is easy to assume or project what the customer thinks of your products or services. However, the surest way to know what they think about your brand is by getting feedback from the very customers.

Feedback allows you to understand your target audience, evaluate improvement points and determine where you stand among the competition. Customer feedback is, without a doubt, crucial. With that in mind, how then should you get customer feedback and opinions?  Here are some of the best strategies to get customer opinions.

Seek Feedback via Emails

After customers order your services, follow with an email survey. Seek feedback on their user experience and other aspects of your business. Do this a few days after their order when their opinions are fresh. Ask what factors drew them to your site. How did they find your business? What do they have to say about the price, quality and availability of your product or service?

Getting direct information from actual customers allows you to make better-informed decisions in your marketing strategies. Ensure that the emails are solely for gauging customer satisfaction. Avoid making it a cross-sell exercise.

Social listening to get Customer Feedback

Social listening data can give you sentiment analysis of how people perceive your brand online. You can gauge if their reactions, opinions or feedback are positive, negative and neutral. Social listening entails tracking and monitoring brand mentions online to see what people are saying about your brand.

You can get started with social listening in Kenya using a social listening tool like the Brand Moran platform. When you track brand mentions on this platform, you will get sentiment analysis, emojis online users are using when talking about your brand. Also, you will get popular keywords and hashtags used online around your brand.

If the engagement is positive, you get to uncover the reasons behind that. If they are negative, for the most part, you can find a solution using pointers from the helpful information from the customers. Although you may not act instantly, the social listening data gathered will enable you make informed actions.

sentiment analysis customer feedback

Also, social listening guides your marketing strategies across different channels.

Utilize On-site analytics

Analyzing the activities on your website is an excellent way to get extensive feedback. Gather all the data and statistics on the sections of your site that people love to use. How often do customers visit different segments on your page? Where do they spend the most time? Web analytics give you a sense of the total activity. Narrow down to customer analytics to understand your audience better. Site analytics help you know what draws more customers to your site.

Use Feedback Boxes

Often, customers have things to say about your business. They could be good things or bad things. If you do not have a structured process for receiving feedback, you may miss out on it.

Customers will only actively reach out to you if it is a serious matter. They may not reach out for the tiny annoyances. If you have an existing feedback box, they get a channel to air their opinions. Moreover, surveys are great, but they may not capture the exact issues the customers have. It is better to count on the more open-ended feedback boxes.


Customer feedback is marketing gold. The keys to any successful marketing initiative are customer feedback. Try out the above methods for collecting feedback to arrive at the best one for your business.

You can now leverage the power of social listening in Kenya, thanks to Brand Moran Social Media Intelligence Tool. Talk to us via or call +254715770977 to unlock many social listening benefits for your business today!



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