5 Important Social Listening Metrics & KPIs for your Business

What is social listening and why is it important?

Social listening is the process of tracking brand mentions and keywords on social media platforms, blogs, and forums. Social listening lets you know valuable insights like how, when, why, and where people talk about your brand, product /service online.

At the height of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, consumers moved dramatically towards online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. The upsurge of online users has resulted in the adoption of new strategies by brands and seen the emergence of recent trends among online users or consumers. One of the crucial strategies marketers should adopt now is social media listening and social media monitoring. It helps brands track brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags, understand why online users say about them online, and manage crises quickly.

While speaking at the 4th Top Marketers Conference at Crowne Plaza in Nairobi, Moses Kemibaro, founder and CEO of Dotsavvy, said that proactive social media listening is vital for a brand.  He added that social listening has increased importance as an early warning system for managing social media crises.

What is a way to measure social listening?

Social media listening in Kenya is still a new concept for some brands while some have adopted it. If you want to get started with social media listening in Kenya to gain insights about your customers online, you need to lay down key performance indicators (KPIs). Now, to measure social listening, you need to focus on critical social media listening metrics.

Before you get started, you should also ensure that you identify a social media listening tool like Brand Moran. It will help you track brand mentions, keywords, competitor analysis, and sentiment analysis. Furthermore, you can gather insights on the reactions and locations of Kenya’s mentions.

social media listening metrics and KPIs
social media listening metrics and KPIs

Social Listening Metrics & KPIs

Here are social listening metrics & KPIs you need to know

1. Reach —Brand awareness

Looking at the volume of your brand mentions helps you understand how your brand is recognizable online. You will know if your brand awareness marketing effort by tracking brand mentions. Brand Moran can tell you the volume of mention daily or hourly. Is your brand being mentioned on social media platforms? If not, you need to focus on more brand awareness.

brand moran mentions
brand moran mentions

2. Share of Voice —Market Share

Share of voice shows you the number of mentions or performance of your brand online compared to your competitors. Using a social media listening tool like Brand Moran will track your brand mentions and your competitors’ brand mentions. From there, you can analyze the share of voice on our analytics dashboard by comparing the number of mentions online.

3. Nature of Leads—Conversion rate

Social listening can help you identify leads on social media. Assuming you are providing courier services in Kenya and you have been tracking the word “courier services,” A social media user can ask for help on a suitable courier service, and a social listening tool will help you track that.  You can then engage with that prospect and convert them into your customer. Eventually, you will likely increase your conversion rates. In the example below captured by Brand Moran, a user asked online users on the courier service to use.

brand moran twitter social listening
brand moran twitter mentions

4. Sentiment score—Customer satisfaction

By looking at the sentiment score, you will know whether your customers are happy about your brand or post on social media. You can check if the mentions are positive, neutral, or negative. With a tool like Brand Moran, you can find out your sentiment score and also emoji reactions to help you understand the feelings and reactions of your brand and posts.

5. Share of positive mentions—Net promoter score

You will likely tell people who can recommend your product or service by analyzing the positive mentions. You can then make them your influencers or brand advocates. On our Brand Moran analytic dashboard, you can check the popular user who mentions your brand online.  You can also see the top tagged entities that can help you choose brand ambassador, nano, and micro-influencers.

brand moran popular users
brand moran popular users

Bottom Line

 Paying attention to social media listening metrics is a great way to monitor and measure your business KPIs. You will be able to know the efforts of your marketing campaigns, the share of voice of your brand. Also, you will gain social insights like sentiment score and possible brand advocates.

If you want to start doing social media listening in Kenya, you can contact us at Brand Moran at email via info@brandmoran.com


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