Ways to Find your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media space is changing the marketing and advertising landscape. Any serious business cannot envisage growth without tapping into the social space for potential clients/customers. It is much easier than ever on social media platforms to narrow down the target audience for targeted advertisement compared to traditional channels. This is great news for every business because it increases the chances of getting more leads. However, the big question is how to find your target audience on social avenues. Fortunately, this article gives you a perfect guide.

Ways to Find your Target Audience on Social Media

Infographic: Ways to Find Target Audience on Social Media
Infographic: Ways to Find Target Audience on Social Media

Use Social Media Analytics

One way to find your target audience on social media is by analyzing your existing social media communities. Analytics provides you with their demographics, behaviours, and interest. You can rely on social media in-app analytics or third-party social media analytics tools. Moreover, it will give you an insight into your existing target audience. You can target alike audience on social media and tailor your messaging to relate to them.

Use Customer Feedback

Your current customers are an invaluable social resource that can seamlessly direct you to your target audience. Interact with your existing customers and obtain important information that can easily lead you to the target audience. Use polls, surveys, or both, depending on the method’s suitability. Interviews are generally considered more interactive and informative. It evokes emotion and gives you a platform to read the customer’s appeal. Surveys, on the other end, are more rigid and less interactive. Nevertheless, both are good social options for finding target audiences.

Understand market trends that draw your audience’s attention

Perhaps there are people, events, or sites that effortlessly draw your target customers’ attention. Knowing these people or events helps you to determine the right people to collaborate with or sites to post your content. Interview your customers or do a survey to pinpoint them. Identify the various market trends that affect customer behaviour and draw more attention.


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Use social listening tools

Social listening tools help businesses listen to what people say about their brands. As the name implies, these tools give you insight into the mentions, reviews, ratings, and customers’ perceptions of your product/service.

Social listening tools alert you when your product/service is mentioned and give you the respective analytics. Such reactions not only help you to spy on the competitors but also to find and understand your customers’ preferences and behaviour.  You can use our social listening tool, Brand Moran, to gather insights about your target audience.  Remember, those who respond will probably be your target audience, giving you an easy platform to find them.

Use Google Analytics

Many people underestimate the power of Google Analytics. This tool gives essential insights about the traffic sources to your website. Once you setup up your social media landing page on Google analytics, you can be able to know which social media platforms are bringing traffic  to your website. Such information can help you identify and seamlessly reach the target audience. Moreover, you will get insights to users demographics, behaviour and conversion rates.  

Final Thoughts

Finding the target audience is undoubtedly one of the most important things for many marketers. Once you get suitable ways to find your target audience, you won’t struggle to market your brand and expand your services. Leverage the methods discussed in this article to take the way you market your brand to another level.

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