Tips on How to Use Social Media Listening to Succeed in Hotel Reputation Management

Using Social Listening to Succeed in Hotel Reputation Management

If you are in the hotel industry, you will agree that reputation can make or break a hotel. Therefore, hotel reputation is one thing the management cannot afford to ignore. While more effort will be given to the quality of food and service delivery, often, the power of social media should not be overlooked.

Many hotels will post their quality of service and events on social media, but some fail to keep tabs on what people are saying about them.

Conversations are happening online on social media platforms, forums, or review sites and blogs every minute. Social media is a great avenue to unearth customer feedback through conversations, sentiments and industry trends.

Therefore, it is crucial for hotel management social listen to what customers are saying online with the help of social listening tools.

But how exactly can you use social listening to succeed in hotel reputation management? Here are some helpful ways:

Analyze your online brand mentions

When customers visit your hotel, they will probably talk about it on social media after that. Depending on the quality of food and services you offer, your customers will react differently. An incident could happen at your hotel without you knowing, and customers will post it on social media attracting various reactions.

Analyzing their sentiments online can be a great way to understand how your customers feel about your services. You can use a social listening platform to analyze the brand mentions and get a sentiment analysis of your brand.

Brand Moran can tell if the mentions about your brand are positive, neutral, or negative. This social listening tool can also analyze emojis used by online customers when mentioning your brand.

brand moran sentiment analysis
brand moran sentiment analysis

From these insights, you can know how your hotel or brand is perceived out there. Always respond to negative comments and reply accordingly because customer feedback is vital to your business. Try to convince them and turn their negativity into positivity to avert reputation disaster for your hotel.

Be Alert on Fake Accounts

The hotel industry is highly competitive and some ill-intentioned people can do anything to pull you down. People who want to create a bad reputation for your hotel can create fake accounts in your name and publish fake news. Some could even create fake accounts to extort money from your customers.

If you don’t identify the fake accounts and respective fake information, your hotel reputation is in jeopardy. There are several ways to slow down the spread of fake information, but the faster you identify and take action, the safer you are.

Therefore, you need to be on high alert in tracking accounts that mention you to ascertain whether they are genuine or fake accounts. Once you identify the fake accounts, let your customers be aware of the fake accounts and report them.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are social media users and content creators who have amassed a huge following and can persuade followers to purchase a product or service. Influencer marketing is predicted to be one of the top marketing strategies in 2022.

By working with influencers around travel, tourism, and food, you will likely get a good reputation and wider reach when they mention your brand. With the help of the Brand Moran tool, you can identify possible brand advocates and influencers whom you can collaborate with to market your hotel.

Our tool can identify top users within a conversation in a certain industry such as hotel, tourism, banking, food and travel, etc.

Set Alerts

There are a plethora of things that happen on social media. People will mention your product on different social media platforms, and it is hard to keep track of every mention. The mention around your brand can be positive or negative.

Obviously, you would want to get notified when such mentions hit social media. For example, if it is fake news, you can counter them as soon as possible and keep your reputation intact. You can leverage tools that alert you and customize the settings to meet your needs.

Fortunately, when you use our tool, we will send you real-time alerts via SMS to match your brand mentioned online.

turn on alerts brand moran
turn on alerts brand moran

Learn the Hotel Trends

Trends are like waves that change the way things happen in the industry. People tend to go with the trends and don’t want to be left behind. If you analyze the latest trends, your hotel reputation will likely skyrocket. If possible, don’t run away from the latest trends in the hotel industry.

Post them on social media and analyze the reaction of your customers. Of course, the customers will react differently depending on their preferences.

Monitoring social media actively will enable you to unearth trends and customer preferences. It is a free platform to get customers’ feedback.

Get Reports

The best way to understand your customers and competitors is via reports. Reports give you a simplified format of the behaviour and information regarding both your customers and competitors. Fortunately, you can get customized reports with the best Hotel Reputation Management tool like Brand Moran.

With such a tool, you can easily curate top mentions about your hotel, categorize them based on influencers, and generate respective reports.

Again, you get invaluable reputation management information like total mentions, engagement, reach, and customer analysis.

Highlighting all your mentions in the dashboard will help you get all the reactions about your hotel. The good thing is that you always stay informed because the tool gives you real-time updates on what is happening in the market.

Wrapping Up

Hotel reputation management is no doubt important in the success of a hotel. Indeed, many hotels have not tapped into the amazing area of social listening to improve their reputation. If you were in the dark about it or didn’t know how to start it, then this article has given you the needed knowledge.

Contact us at Brand Moran and let us help you improve your hotel reputation with social listening.



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