A Guide to Live Tweeting Your Upcoming Event or Conference

How to Live Tweet Your Upcoming Event or Conference

Live Tweeting is a red-hot jewel for loads of brands who want to expand their reach. When you live tweet an event, your brand or business gets more visibility and keeps your audience engaged. However, successful live-Tweeting is not just about tweeting and sitting back to see the rules. The crux of the matter is that you need to prepare before diving into live Tweeting meticulously. If you need a guide on live-tweeting your event, this article solves this puzzle.

What is Live Tweeting?

Live tweeting is where you send a series of Tweets about the event or a conference you are hosting as the event unfolds. This could include speaker direct quotes, speakers presentations and events, live images of what is happening, replying to comments, questions and retweeting posts related to the event.
Why is Live Tweeting important?

Live tweeting an event is important and beneficial to a brand because:

  • Increases engagement with the event
  • Increases the event’s reach and visibility
  • Encourages attendees engagement because they will tweet questions and reply to tweets.
  • Growth in social media followers
  • Build a community and attract online tribe
  • Connects you with potential collaborators and partners
  • Growth in profile visits and website traffic.

Preparation: What to do Before the Event

What you do before the actual live Tweeting can break or make your experience. Preparation is paramount, and you need to fine-tune certain areas before pulling the trigger.

First, come up with a hashtag. You will use this hashtag to seamlessly attract and bolster people’s probability of seeing your tweets or matching the event with your brand.

Next, brainstorm the content of your tweet. Have the names of the speakers, know the speakers line up, have their images and short bios, and even have the speaker notes in advance. Create an excitement before the event. You can also choose to start your tweets earlier to prepare your followers and confirm whether they will be attending the event. Conduct a poll survey about the upcoming event to immerse your followers into the event mood.

Also, have a backup plan to offset potential technical problems and assign someone to be in charge of social media for your event. Also have a hashtag tool tracker in place that will enable you to track the performance of the event. You can also have a team so that they can be able to divide roles and know what to tweet so that you don’t miss on each speaker’s important points.

What to do during the event

Things can turn inside out during the event and mess up your promising live tweeting event. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything aiding the live event is functional. The basic rule here is Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Leverage the event hashtag or a suitable branded hashtag in your Tweets. Make use of eye-catchy media such as videos and images that marries the event and your brand. This media tweet skyrockets engagement and connection with people.

Another key aspect is timing. Do not prepare wonderful tweets, then post them late. Things are pacey here, and you cannot afford to switch off a moment. Be alert on the trending topics and throw your tweet when things are still hot.
Before posting your tweet, also crosscheck to confirm there are no errors in your tweet. Make sure the spellings and mentions are correct.
Also, make sure you engage with others on Twitter. You can retweet, like tweets from other brands/people, or take part in threads.


  • Use publishing tools like Tweetdeck to publish and monitor your live events.
  • Live Tweet in a thread so that your audience can easily access and make sense of your live-tweet coverage. It will also be a good reference when you want to write a blog post about the event or conference.

What to do after the event

Although the preparations and what happens during the event largely impact the success of your live-tweeting event, never underestimate the power of what you do after the event. You have now tweeted and engaged with many people, but that is not the end. Here, you want to wrap up the engagement or respond to tweets you didn’t address during the event. Again, it is natural to measure your performance. You want to know how your live-tweeting event performed and what can be done to fine-tune it the next time you host it.
Besides using the Twitter Analytics tools, you can use Brand Moran Twitter analytic tool for detailed report on your event. Brand Moran’s analytic dashboard will provide you with total number of mentions, impressions, reach, sentiment analysis and location insights of users who participated in the event. You will also get insights on popular keywords, popular hashtags and handles on most tagged entities and users which can be a good basis of your brand advocates.

Brand Moran Twitter Hashtag Analytics
Brand Moran Twitter Hashtag Analytics

Once you check the performance of the event, you can gain insights on what content worked, and what to improve in the next live tweet event.


After the event, share your best moments and highlight your attendees. You can also write a blog post to summarize the key points during the event and publish a vlog.

Bottom Line

Live Tweeting your event improves brand engagement, social acceptance and creates new networks and community. However, this is not possible without knowing what to do before, during, and after the live-tweeting event. Use these amazing tips and market your brand like never before.

If you have an upcoming event and you want to track its performance on Twitter or hashtag performance,  Brand Moran platform can help you with that. Just contact us info@brandmoran.com and we will help you with monitoring your event and provide you with a detailed report.

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