How to use social media intelligence to grow your brand

Since social media has proven to be the largest source of customer insights, companies have taken advantage of this platform to promote their products and grow their brands. However, many brands miss out on the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and the broader market. Focusing on basic social media listening and monitoring isn’t satisfactory if you want to grow your brand online.

Social media intelligence will further enable your brand to use customer insights and online data to make informed decisions.

This article will discuss how to can use social media intelligence to grow your brand.

Why social media intelligence is beneficial to your brand?

Social media intelligence keeps you updated on current trends and provides you with strategies for customer retention. It is also an essential tool for brand analysis and provides your brand with a competitive edge.

Moreover, also assists you in selecting and working with influential followers and influencers who can advertise your products. Another great benefit of social media intelligence is discovering new, unexplored markets that can lead to your brand’s prosperity.

How to use social media intelligence

For your brand to grow, you need to be more deliberate in the content you share. Ask yourself why analytics and trends are the way they are and how to use this information in your favor. The following steps will guide you on how to use social media intelligence to grow your brand.

Collect and organize data

You need a social media listening tool such as  Brand Moran which can help you discover what clients are saying about your brand.  It allows you track online mentions of your brand using brand keywords By monitoring online comments, you will  initiate conversations hence creating awareness of your brand.

Also, you can track industry trends and analyze your competitors, assess what they are doing differently and seek to find out how you can gain a competitive edge. Arrange your data in a way that will be easy to manage and understand.

brand moran social listening
brand moran social listening app

Understand social media analytics

Now that you know your customers’ thoughts and feelings find out what they love most about your product. Know what drives your clients and tailor your language to suit your target audience. For example, regarding veganism, various groups will be compelled to go vegan for various reasons. The fitness community would prefer to go vegan to promote self-optimization, while the ethical foodies promote animal welfare and altruism.

Use the data you collected to research emerging trends, such as popular hashtags, and decide whether you need to adjust your marketing strategies or look into the development of new products. You must stay one step ahead to avoid potential reputational risks to your brand.

Implement your strategies

The final step is to create a department in your corporation dedicated to social media intelligence. Assign a head of the department that will oversee that the various strategies are implemented. If need be, ensure that there is delegation of tasks to external departments such as IT or digital marketing team to make the process easier and faster.

In a Nutshell

Having understood how to use social media intelligence to grow your brand, you need to select a suitable platform for optimal results to control and manage your intelligence. It would be best to consider how you want to use your analytics and establish a social  intelligence tool that allows you to stay within budget.

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