Starting PR firm in Kenya

6 Tips on How to Start a PR Firm in Kenya

Do you ant to start a PR firm in Kenya and you are wondering where to start? We can simply define Public relations (PR) as getting the media interested in your clients. It is about ensuring that the client’s best image is in the public eye, making the media want to interview them and write positive stories about them or their organizations. With a public relations firm, your biggest goal will be strengthening relationships between your clients and their target audiences. So, you feel like you have all it takes to start a PR firm.

Here are some of the things you need to know to start a PR firm in Kenya

Build a strong network

To start a successful PR firm, you need to have extensive networks. Your network should comprise different kinds of people such as radio producers, newspaper editors, reporters, and advertising executives in the various aspects of media. Have an array of media networks at your disposal. And not just people in the media but also other professionals. Other lawyers may have clients who need help building their public image.

A strong network will vouch for you to potential clients. See, most PR firms get their clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. It is one of the best ways for any PR Firm to enjoy organic growth. The more developed the networks of relationships you have, the easier it will be for them to mention your firm to anyone that needs a PR agency.

Also, when you have a strong network of people that you can trust, they will offer you candid feedback. They will let you in on things that you could do better for your firm’s success.

Be careful with the cash flow

When you start a PR firm, it may not immediately pick up and start making profits. That comes later after you have built a strong portfolio of regular clients that have seen your worth. Your business will only realize success when you have had a list of regular clients.

Remember, winning clients should not be your biggest concern. Your goal should be to ensure that you form a lasting relationship with all the clients that come for your services. How do you do that? Avoid over promising in the pitching process, which could lead to failure to deliver. You also need to ensure that you have all the necessary infrastructure and team that delivers beyond expectations.

Building the right kind of infrastructure requires adequate investment in the firm. Leave as much money in the business, especially in the beginning. You will reap more profits later when you invest appropriately in the firm.

Do not be carried away with making profits at all costs!

Hire the right team

You may have topmost managerial skills and an extensive list of regular clients, but without the right team, that means nothing. PR flourishes where there is teamwork and creative ideas. You, therefore, need to hire a balanced team where the members have complementary abilities and ideas.

Starting your PR firm with too many people with the same skills will kill the agency’s growth. If your abilities lean towards the creative side where you can come up with the best ideas, your team needs to comprise people who do other things like production, organization, or clients handling.

Also, resist the urge to be a jack of all trades. You cannot come up with the best ideas if you are still the same person to deal with all the invoices and tax issues. Get a small team of hard-working individuals that are intelligent in other aspects. That is the only way to set your firm up for success. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Identify your niche

Start by checking the list of PR firms and ask yourself, What will make different and better than all the others? One of the best ways to carve a niche for yourself is by identifying the things you do best. It feels nice to think of yourself as the superhuman that can handle all things PR. However, that is nothing if not unrealistic. No one can boast of being great at everything to do with PR. And even if you are great at doing PR, you may lack the operational skills a business needs. Know what you are good at and highlight those things that make your pr firm stand out in the marketplace. Alternatively, you could identify your ideal client and target your firm to cater to that market.

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Invest in PR and Monitoring Tools

For your PR firm to be successful, you need to invest in PR tools that will help you measure your PR strategy efforts and improve your productivity. Technology and digital PR have made measuring your PR efforts or monitoring them and generating reports easier.  You will need press kit tools, PR publishing tools and social media listening and monitoring in Kenya.

Gone are the days, you could look for softwares tailored for the Kenyan and African solutions but in vain. With PR social media monitoring tool like Brand Moran, you will know where PR efforts are mentioned, which local dailies, local blogs or social media platforms. You can also know who is talking about them and when and get real-time alerts via SMS. Besides, you can track hashtags and brand keywords and get insights into industry trends.

Tip: Using local vendors will save you a lot in cash, given that you can negotiate on rates.

Find ways to update your PR skills

The world of technology is ever-changing. You blink an eye, and there is a new trend or platform. A few years back, no one would have thought they would use video storytelling in their PR firm. Have an active strategy to refresh your skills every so often. Read industry blogs and PR books. Take online courses and attend industry conferences that will present you with opportunities to learn and grow your networks.


The start-up phase is usually the most challenging for plenty of entrepreneurs venturing into communications. The experience gets a little easier when you have a few pointers to guide you in setting up and growing your business from scratch.


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