How to Create a Compelling Social Media Listening Strategy

A right social media listening strategy coupled with the right tools will enable your grow business in an immense way 

Do you want to develop a social media listening strategy? Social listening is undoubtedly a must-have ingredient in the modern-day business world.

Listening to what people say about your brand allows you to make informed decisions before things turn inside out.

While this is true, the success of social listening depends on the social listening strategy deployed. This explains why scores of people are looking for the best social listening strategies for their brands. Fortunately, this article takes you through some of the best social listening strategies for your brand.

Steps to Create a Compelling Social Media Listening Strategy

Follow the steps  below to building a good social media listening strategy

1.    Identify your Goals

Before navigating into the depths of social listening, you first must identify your goals. The goals give you a skeleton of what you want to achieve with social listening. Do you want to increase sales, manage PR crises, get sentiment analysis, get more leads/customers, solve customer queries, or engage with customers? This way, you would easily understand the kind of social listening tools you need and how you will achieve the goals.

2.    Choose the right social listening platform

Next, is to choose the social listening tool. The game-changer in social listening is the social listening tool you choose to use. This can make or break the success of social listening for your brand. Therefore, you need to do meticulous research to find the best tool for your brand. A good social listening tool should generate data from intended social media channels, have an analytics dashboard and have good customer support.

If you want the best social listening tool in Kenya, get a tool that gives you crucial social listening features like Brand Moran. Such a tool allows you to monitor, get real-time alerts, find and analyze social media conversations about your brand, and export data and reports, among others.

3.    Know what to look for on social media

The main aim of social media listening is to track mentions. You want to hear the conversations around a certain keyword or comment.  Therefore, you need to know which keywords you want to track on social media. Is it one of your products, service, brand name or industry trends? There is a lot that you can focus on. This goes along with your goal of social media listening.

Also, go beyond listening and pay attention to trends in conversations. Analyze the conversations and analyze the data to get popular keywords, hashtags, sentiments, locations and demographics of users online. A Kenyan social media listening tool like Brand Moran can give you all this nitty-gritty, including conversations’ location insights.

You can know the regions where most of the conversation of your tracked keywords or mentions are coming from like Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, or anywhere in Kenya.

Steps to creating a Social Media listening Strategy Brand Moran
Steps to creating a Social Media listening Strategy Brand Moran

4.    Select suitable social channels

While there are many social media channels, not all of them can significantly impact your brand. You want to focus on those channels that have most of your customers/clients/audiences active.

Use social media analytics insights to know where your customers are. Select a few channels and concentrate on them rather than jumping into any social media channel. In Kenya, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are channels worth focusing on because of their huge traffic.

5.    Monitor and measure performance

After pulling out these strategies, you want to know their scorecard. This way, you can pinpoint successful segments and fine-tune those areas letting you down. The social media metrics you need to measure are the volume of mentions, sentiments, competitors share of mentions,  influencers, and customer feedbacks. We wrote an article on five important social listening metrics & KPIs for businesses that you should know.

Results give you a picture of the success of the strategies you deployed. Check whether these strategies are helping you to achieve the goals or not. Measuring performance is a key strategy for every successful social listening strategy.

6.    Apply the insights to Your Content Strategy

You can get insights from social listening, but not turning them into action is meaningless. What trends have you uncovered? How can you apply these trends to better your product or services? What are customers saying about your brand? How can you improve the services? Ask yourself such questions and see how you can implement them to grow your business.

Wrapping Up

Creating a good social listening strategy is not a hard nut to crack. While several things determine the success of social listening strategies, you ought to pick the right social listening tool. A good tool will take your brand from a zero to a hero. Try a suitable social listening tool in Kenya and see how your brand transforms.

You can contact us at Brand Moran to provide you with social media listening services and generate monthly reports around your brand or industry. Talk to us at or call 0727501977

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